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Google Analytics Management

Google Analytics, or GA, is a powerful tool for helping marketers understand how their efforts are playing out. And it’s free to use.

Measurable Marketing – Actionable Insights

You spend good money on website design, invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. You might be buying banner ads and gaining links from influential websites.

Is it all paying off?

Chances are you are already use Google Analytics, but the buttons, options and the overall reporting interface might overwhelm you.

You are not alone and users often, at best, get a rough view and, at worst, misleading information.

With good Google Analytics Management you can:

  • Filter out irrelevant data – Do you want to include employee traffic and bots?
  • Track campaigns and conversion – How much did that advert you paid £1000 for deliver?
  • Track events on site that show user value – How many people watch the video, download content, abandon a form or scroll to the bottom of a page?
  • Set up goals over and above basic conversion – GA tells you people who do a particular action buy more, time to create a goal tied to your marketing plan?
  • A/B test design proposals – Your designer tells you should try something or you have a hunch. Why not A/B test it with Google Analytics?

How do I know if I need Google Analytics Management?

Ask yourself, or whoever is managing your Google Analytics account, these 5 questions:

  1. How many views do you have? (There should be at least 3: Raw, test and live)
  2. Is your GA account linked to Adwords and Search Console?
  3. What filters are set up?
  4. What goals are set, what are they and how do they relate to your business goals? (You should try and use all 20 available)
  5. Are all staff briefed on using campaign URLs?

If you can only answer up to two of these positively, you may want to discuss how you can get the most out of Google Analytics for your business.

Unit 3 Google Analytics Management Service

The best person to manage your business is you, but sometimes you need someone to help fast-track your knowledge and do some of the heavy lifting. We can:

  • Help you understand what your organisation should be doing to benefit from Google Analytics
  • Audit and set up your Google Analytics account so you get the most from it
  • Manage the whole operation providing you with simple dashboard to gain quick, actionable insight based on agreed goals.

Would you like a free, no commitment chat about Google Analytics management? Get in touch…

If you need Google Analytics management and are based in Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds or near Cirencester (Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud or Swindon) we can come and meet you at no cost for an exploratory chat.